Our employees, our capital

We are happy to see that you are interested in a job opportunity at Ivoire Coton. You are right, this is an excellent choice that may offer you interesting career opportunities.    

By joining Ivoire Coton, you will be able to work in a local company, but with career opportunities within the large family of companies that make up the IPS(WA) Institution. Within Ivoire Coton, you will be able to contribute your skills, develop yourself, build your career in compliance with the ethical standards of the Institution.   

Ivoire Coton certainly wants to attract the best talents, while ensuring a balance between performance and the solidarity development of companies. Thus, in addition to the variety of cotton that we supply to different markets around the world, it is also part of our mission to behave as a model citizen by taking an active part in the sustainable development of the communities in which we work. We initiate many activities with the participation of the populations mainly in the field of health and education...

Career at Ivoire Coton

If you think that you have the right profile and are interested in a career in our field of activity, do not hesitate any longer, send your profile at info@ivoire-coton.ci and let us meet.