SOLIDARITY IPS(WA) – SOLIPS is a non-profit organization, created on October 18, 2003 in line with IPS(WA)’s social policy, which is operated on the principle of a joint funding by both companies and their employees.

Initially intended to support the fight against HIV/AIDS within the IPS(WA) companies, the activities of SOLIPS have been extended to carry out various health and well-being programs in the workplace and in the communities neighboring the IPS(WA) affiliates.   

Today, SOLIPS conducts and finances, with the help of its partners, prevention and screening programs for HIV/AIDS as well as other communicable and non-communicable diseases, namely malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and hepatitis.

SOLIPS also supports employees with disabilities by granting them a capital.

Among the major projects of SOLIPS, we can mention :

  • The Early Childhood Development Project started in 2009 at FILTISAC, which provides a space equipped with a mini-library, where employees volunteer to educate parents and attendants to looking through books and reading them with the children.
  • The Nutrition Project , launched in 2020 and mainly aimed at improving parents’ understanding and practices regarding early childhood nutrition.

The Telemedicine Project

launched in 2018, with the construction of two tele training centers for medical teleconsultation at FILTISAC (Abidjan) and IVOIRE COTON (Boundiali).